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Signs You Need Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

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How do you tell that you need emergency air conditioning repairs? Here are some of the obvious telltale signs that you may need emergency assistance. Learn more here.

Electrical Failure

An electrical failure may be the most severe AC emergency. If the cooling system is constantly tripping the breaker, dimming the lights in your house when activation initiates or creating a burning stench, call your air conditioning technician immediately and refrain from fixing the problem yourself. An unchecked electrical problem with your air conditioning unit could result in a fire or blackout. Learn more about Three Common Issues That Require Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs.

Short Cycling

Suppose your air conditioner repeatedly turns off and on every few minutes and neglects to finish an entire cycle. In that case, it is probably short-cycling, and this problem may be due to a thermostat or compressor malfunction. A prolonged time of short cycling reduces the lifespan of your air conditioner, so reaching out to AC professionals is a wise decision.

Grinding Noises

The air handler distributes cool air throughout your house, and it is composed of a fan and a motor. If the motor’s bearing isn’t sufficiently lubricated, it can cause friction and grinding noise. An unchecked air handler motor could burn out, resulting in expensive repairs. Grinding or screaming noises can also be caused by a loose fan belt or an overworked compressor.

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